Gold price in Comoros

Welcome to gold price in Comoros today. Where shows detailed report for Gold prices in Comoros in Comoros Franc and US dollar. The following table shows the gold prices per ounce, per gram (Including Carat gold price, such as 24k, 22k, 21k, 18k, 14k, 10k, etc.), per kilogram and gold pound. Gold price in Comoros is being updated every day

gold price today in Comoros in Comoros Franc

Last updated: Monday 26 Jun 2017 at 2:21 am Mecca time
Average Gold Prices today in Comoros in Comoros Franc and US dollar
UnitComoros FrancUS Dollar
gold price per gram 24 carat17760.0340.42
gold price per gram 22 carat16279.337.05
gold price per gram 21 carat15541.1335.37
gold price per gram 18 carat13322.2230.32
gold price per gram 14 carat10360.7523.58
gold price per gram 10 carat7399.2816.84
gold price per ounce552437.141257.29
gold pound prices*124329282.96
gold price per kilogram17761265.6440422.81

History Of Gold price in Comoros

25 Jun17761.1816279.6115541.0313320.8810362.15552438.56
24 Jun17759.9816278.5215539.9913319.9910361.46552401.43
23 Jun17738.5816262.215524.0113305.0410347.87551794.27
22 Jun17741.0716261.1815521.2413305.810350.43551783.45
21 Jun17664.4716190.5915453.6513247.2510303.91549390.21
20 Jun17637.0516166.1915432.9713228.8910287.17548541.73
19 Jun17657.7916184.115451.6713241.1410298.17549187.23
18 Jun17716.5816239.4715500.9113285.2410335.41551012.14
17 Jun17721.8116244.2615505.4813289.1610338.45551174.65
16 Jun17729.3616251.9215513.1913297.0210342.13551399.96
14 Jun17901.5116409.3615663.2813425.0510440.73556805.6
13 Jun17876.3916383.415641.2913406.1910428.99555959.6
12 Jun17891.3716397.4915654.9513418.5310435.17556420.65
11 Jun17893.8216399.7415657.0913420.3610436.6556496.87
10 Jun17894.6716400.5215657.841342110437.09556523.43
*Gold pound = 7 grams 24 carat

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